The world campaign by ISO #innovatewithstandards

Fire Rated wooden doors for Hotel Lutetia
11 November 2019 per Campus Bocconi
San.Co fire doors for the new Bocconi Campus
31 January 2020
ISO, iso standard, soluzioni tagliafuoco, porte tagliafuoco

ISO, iso standard, soluzioni tagliafuoco, porte tagliafuoco

From November 25 to December 6 ISO launches the international campaign #innovatewithstandards in order to show how innovative standards and technologies can become a key to growth and support in the standards.

San.Co, a Zanini group brand specialized in fire doors and fire protection solutions, has always paid attention to the regulations and to international standards as a distinctive point of the way to face its business. Creating fire-rated wood and glass doors or customized fire-break solutions for companies, be they large or small, requires special attention to everything concerning regulation, obviously especially for the reference standards. Not only normative references but also good practices and management standards become fundamental for the growth and development of one's company. Precisely for this reason San.Co, which has made innovation and research the basis of its way of operating, fully shares the objectives and themes of the campaign of the International standard organization.

Through the #innovatewithstandards campaign, ISO intends to show, using case studies, clearly how standards support innovation and innovators. "Standards are useful for innovative companies (large and small) to share best practices, enable interoperability and compatibility, ensure security, improve credibility and address ethical issues (for example, privacy)".

The ISO standards are increasingly central also for Italian companies and this guarantees sharing of good practices and growth of development levels both in terms of product quality, quality of working life, and quality of the country's business sector.

For these reasons, San.Co shares the ISO (international organization for standardization) campaign #innovatewithstandards and its objectives.

Download the brochure of the initiative and share the good practices too (PDF)

San.Co is fire and wood solutions in wood and glass: doors, windows, coverings, and custom-made interventions at the service of the most important projects all over the world.