Fireproof Solutions for Hotellerie

San.Co’s hotel projects: in more than thirty years in business, has supplied the hotel industry with a variety of fire barrier solutions, participating in some of the most important renovation projects of recent years.

Project: Hotel Cà Corner Reali – Venezia – Italy
Hotel Brigantino – Isola d’Elba – Italy has contributed to numerous hotel projects, supplying fire barrier and smoke seal doors made out of a great variety of materials in a vast range of sizes. In both renovation projects and new buildings, San.Co always focuses on the safety, design and quality of its products.

San.Co’s approach stands out for a great ability to supply a top quality product featuring the latest technical features in quantities large enough for even the most important projects.

Recent hotel projects in which San.Co has supplied fire barrier solutions include Hotel Lutetia in Paris, Hotel Eden in Rome and Hotel Cipriani in Venice: projects requiring not only the best fire barrier and smoke seal technologies but respect for the history and style of days gone by, with customised fire barrier doors or windows that meet the strictest requirements while suiting the style of the renovation project. San.Co has been chosen to supply consulting services and technologies to the most prestigious architects, for the most important contracts in the hotel industry.

In the Hotel Eden in Rome, for example, designed the entrances to all the hotel rooms in the building to high technical standards, with EI 30’ fire resistance and up to Rw 43 dB soundproofing to guarantee outstanding soundproofing of all parts of the hotel. Responding to the most complex structural and aesthetic requirements, manufactures demonstrate that safety and design can be perfect compatible.

Another recent hotel project involved restoration and renewal of Hotel Lutetia, a legendary hotel on the Rive Gauche in Paris, aimed at making the hotel building more practical; Wilmotte & Associés turned to San.Co Costruzioni Tecnologiche to supply fire doors for the project.

Our fire barrier and smoke seal solutions for hotels employ high-performing technologies while guaranteeing soundproofing to protect hotel guests’ comfort and privacy.

Project: Hotel Eden – Roma – Italy (images: Moreno Maggi)

San.Co Costruzioni Tecnologiche has certified a number of fire barriers for hotel furniture contracts perfectly reconciling fire safety standards with the strictest soundproofing requirements.

In response to continued demand from the market, partly as a result of the evolution of safety legislation, San.Co continues to develop wooden and glass products using innovative materials, obtaining fire safety and soundproofing certification from the world’s most prestigious laboratories.