Fireproof Solutions for Contract

San.Co fire barrier solutions for the FURNITURE CONTRACT market

Project: Museo M9 – Mestre – Italy

San.Co has worked with top-level FURNITURE CONTRACT companies in Italy and all over the world on numerous projects over its thirty years in the business.

Fire barrier and smoke barrier solutions developed through the company’s ongoing research and development have guaranteed customers results in the vanguard in both safety and design: not only wood and glass fire and smoke barrier doors, but custom-designed products specially tailored to suit the specific needs of each project. San.Co is a particularly popular partner in the FURNITURE CONTRACT industry thanks to its ability to fulfil large orders while maintaining a very high level of quality and guaranteeing on-time delivery.

Project: Montemaggi Asset Banca – San Marino
Technogym Headquarters – Cesena – Italy

We have participated in projects of international scope with companies such as POLIFORM, TINO SANA, PAOLO CASTELLI, CITTERIO, B&B, MOLTENI, ZATTI.

The renovation of the Hotel Lutetia in Paris is probably the most complex project the company has ever worked on, but it is not only in hotel furniture contracts that we express our full potential: the Montecarlo Yacht Club and the Japan Tobacco offices in Geneva also represented outstanding challenges, to which we responded with painstaking attention to detail and solid technical support for our customers.

San.Co’s know-how and its staff’s ability to interpret very different projects and supply specific solutions custom-tailored to meet the needs of every single project have qualified us to work with the most successful contracting companies and make our proud contribution to exporting Italian design and craftsmanship.

San.Co: the design and advanced technology solution for the FURNITURE CONTRACT industry.