The new regulations permitting EC marking of internal fire doors will soon be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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15 November 2018
An important step forward for the standard that regulates internal fire doors.
28 January 2019
On November 7, 2018 CEN (the European Committee for Standardisation) published standard EN 14351-2, which will allow San.Co and all other manufacturers to apply the EC mark to internal fire and smoke barrier doors for pedestrian use.

Standard EN 16034 has been in effect since November 1, 2016, but so far EC marking of fire doors has only been permitted for external pedestrian doors and industrial and garage doors, under standard EN 13241-1, and motor-driven pedestrian doors, under standard EN 16361. We are waiting for standard EN 14351-2 to be published in the Official Journal of the European Union to start marking internal fire doors for pedestrians, and above all to find out what the adaptation time will be.

Publication of the standard in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) will in fact mark the start of a time period during which the two regulations will exist side-by-side, after which EC marking will become mandatory and the old Italian system will be obsolete. By the time of publication in the OJEU the duration of this period of co-existence will also have been determined.

Publication of standard EN 14351-2 will permit EC marking of all internal pedestrian doors, even those that do not meet fire resistance or smoke seal requirements. The deadline for publication of the standard by the national standards organisations, UNI in the case of Italy, will be May 31, 2019 (DOP 31.05.2019), while the date of withdrawal of conflicting national standards will be August 31, 2021 (DOW 31.08.2021).