Expansion of the new Bolzano hospital

SanCo and the Zanini Group on Guest
7 September 2018
The new regulations permitting EC marking of internal fire doors will soon be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
15 November 2018
The new clinic at Bolzano hospital is one of the most important construction projects of recent times in Alto Adige, and it is now nearly complete. The impressive building was designed by the architectural studio Tiemann-Petri and Partner with a special focus on patients’ well-being. The new clinic will have five floors above ground plus two underground levels and contain some of the most important wards in the hospital. Clea S.c., a member of Consorzio Cooperative di Costruzione, the association of construction firms that won the contract of tender, identified San.Co as the perfect partner for supplying fire doors of various types with steel frames and wooden door panels. Specifically, San.Co supplied: EI 30’, EI 60’ and EI 90’ wooden Isofire LM doors on metal frames, with one or two swing or sliding panels, either blind or with a window in them, some of which have x-ray protection: exactly what a hospital project needs! Last but not least, glass doors were supplied with Steelswing steel profiles and motor-driven swing panels.