An important step forward for the standard that regulates internal fire doors.

The new regulations permitting EC marking of internal fire doors will soon be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
15 November 2018
San.Co and the M9 museum project in Mestre (Venice) on the magazine IoArch
29 January 2019
An additional step is made towards CE marking of internal fire doors: the product standard for non-fireproof interior doors (EN 14351-2) has been published by UNI and now becomes UNI EN 14351-2. The only remaining step is the publication of the standard in the European Official Journal to complete the CE marking of internal fire doors. This important act will start the adjustment time, or coexistence, and therefore the possibility of CE marking for interior fire doors. With the publication in the European Official Journal, a particularly important knot will be solved, the official date from which it will be possible to mark CE interior fire doors in accordance with EN 16034.