Sa and Sm smoke-tightness certification for San.Co’s Isofire doors

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15 May 2018
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19 June 2018
Safety always comes first in San.Co doors, especially fire doors. In addition to flameproofness, smoke-tightness is of essential importance in the early phases of a fire in a protected fireproof compartment to ensure visibility and breathable air along escape routes.

This is an aspect that was often neglected in the past, but following the publication of Italy’s August 3 2015 Ministerial Decree and in view of the advent of CE marking, door manufacturers, professionals, laboratories and controlling bodies will have to comply not only with EI fire barrier requirements but also with smoke control requirements for Sa and Sm certification. San.Co has obtained this certification for its Isofire LZ58.60 doors, applicable to model LZ58.60.39 (39 dB) and model LZ58.60.43 (43 dB).

Smoke control tests for doors and shutters are described in standard UNI EN 1634-3 and determine an element's ability to reduce or eliminate the passage of smoke between two fire safety compartments divided by a door.

The principal levels of performance are:
  1. a) Sm smoke leakage - when the maximum value of dispersion measured in a test at room temperature and at 200 °C up to an overpressure of 50 Pa does not exceed 20 m3/h for single doors or 30 m3/h for double doors.
  2. b) Sa smoke leakage - when the maximum value of dispersion measured in test at room temperature at an overpressure of 25 Pa does not exceed 3 m3/h per metre of length of play between the fixed and mobile door components (e.g.: between the door wing and the door frame), excluding leakage over the threshold.