Soraperra art school – Trento (Italy)

Wooden fire doors for the Soraperra project.

For the project of the Soraperra San.Co School of Art, the Zanini group brand supplied the LZ58.60 fireproof wooden doors.

The project of the Soraperra art school in Pozza di Fassa, in the province of Trento, was very interesting: the complete reconstruction of the existing building, on the same area but according to the highest standards of sustainability and accessibility. Not only that, the project also had to meet the anti-seismic and plant engineering requirements suitable for the LEED 2009 for Schools New Construction and Major Renovations certification, for the achievement of the Gold level as the minimum certification level. In order to meet these safety, reliability and sustainability requirements, San.Co was asked to supply Isofire LZ58.60 wooden fire doors.

More than 100 wooden doors larch veneer finish of the Isofire LZ58.60 series, fire resistant up to 60 minutes.

The doors were supplied with customized accessories tailored to the customer and according to the arrangement required by the project: specifically, the application of the silk-screened signs on the facade of the doors.

Thanks to its experience and its international certifications San.Co is the perfect partner for projects dedicated to sustainability but with safety as Soraperra at the center. In fact, already in 2014 it obtained the FSC certification, the Forest Stewardship Council, recognized worldwide for environmental protection. The company offers a wide range of FSC certified products, for the realization of the most innovative building projects and in compliance with the LEED protocol.


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