Cesena (Italy)

San.Co fire doors for Technogym headquarters

In the middle of the Wellness Valley is the headquarters of a company that has changed the way people experience their body. Here San.Co, brand of the Zanini Porte group, has installed various fire doors for the new headquarters of the company which is the emblem of that area: Technogym.

Nerio Alessandri, founder of Technogym, asked Antonio Citterio to design a building that reflected the principles of Technogym, eco-sustainability and well-being, with a keen eye on bio-architecture, and the great Milanese architect hit the target.

The complex occupies an area of ​​150,000 square meters of which 60,000 are covered. This is the first example of Wellness Campus in the world: a cultural center, an innovation laboratory and a production center where employees, customers, suppliers and guests from all over the world can experience a true wellness experience.

For this project San.Co and its fire and smoke and glass and wood solutions have played a central role.

Our fireproof glass walls, which partition the offices, guarantee the desired transparency and the necessary security. In addition, the “Isofireglas” fireproof and noise-reducing glass doors were installed on the same line as the office glass walls.

For the kitchens and meeting rooms, the “Isofire L / Star” fireproof wooden doors were chosen. These doors are waterbase-painted and extremely customizable. They have a high level of security with a fire resistance of up to two hours (rei 120 doors). Fire doors are available with one or two blind or glazed doors. Specifically, we have installed rei 120 fire doors or rei 60 fire doors.

For the stairwells, metal fire doors with “Elite” acoustic protection were supplied in addition to the metal sliding fire doors of the foyer.

Elite doors are metal fireproof solutions with the addition of acoustic protection. An ideal solution for all environments.


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