Sofitel hotel – Rome (Italy)

San.Co fireproof window in the new Sofitel Hotel in Rome

In the historic Sofitel hotel, a five-star hotel in the center of Rome, San.Co was chosen for the construction of a made-to-measure fireproof window. This supply is part of the recent renovation project of the hotel which has led to it being redesigned to become a reference point for the capital’s luxury hotel industry. In fact, the Sofitel hotel, located a few steps from Piazza di Spagna and the Trevi Fountain, was inaugurated in July 2019 after a year of work.

A completely new style, while maintaining the distinctive features and historicity of the property.

The complete restyling was entrusted to the famous architect Jean-Philippe Nuel, internationally renowned for having designed some of the most famous and elegant hotels in the world. The Sofitel hotel project involves the renovation of 71 rooms and the construction of 7 suites. A fundamental part of the work was dedicated to the restaurant and the panoramic bar, to create a real hanging garden on Villa Borghese. Redesigned in a luxury key, the hotel offers a unique experience to its guests, immersed in the magical atmosphere of a 19th-century Roman palace.

The supply of San.Co, fire rated windows.

Between the meeting room of the hotel and the hall, San.Co, a brand of the Zanini Porte group specialized in fire doors and custom made fire solutions, has created and supplied the large fire-rated glass window that separates the meeting room from the bottle shop.

The window was made according to customer specifications and is completely customized. In fact, San.Co has been specializing in the creation and supply of fire and smoke-proof solutions, including customized ones, for more than 30 years.

The ISOFIREGLAS® solutions of San.Co

An innovative fire rated window with “open” joint, in classes EI 30 ‘, EI 60’, EI 90 ‘and EI 120’.

ISOFIREGLAS® is fire-resistant glass that is extremely transparent since it is jointed to the open, i.e. with slabs that are simply joined together. The result is a safe, bright, modern, refined and elegant design.