Savoy hotel – Rome (Italy)

The wooden fire doors of San.Co for the Savoy of Rome

San.Co is once again part of a new supply and design of fire doors for the hotel industry: the wooden fire doors of the Lz58.60 series have been supplied to the prestigious and historic Hotel Savoy in Rome.

The Savoy Hotel is located in one of the main and most suggestive streets of Rome, the legendary Via Veneto, which became famous all over the world thanks to the film “La Dolce Vita”.

A complete renovation of the hotel has seen an all-round reorganization: a rethinking of the rooms with a more functional product for the business, but above all the search for new ideas and ideas for enhancing and marketing spaces already available but not exploited. Not only that, there was a new enhancement of the spaces such as, for example, an intervention on the panoramic terrace of the Roof Garden, on the seventh floor and with a view of Rome.

Specifically, San.Co, a brand of Zanini group specializing in fire and smoke solutions in wood and glass, has provided the Isofirewood Lz58.60 wood fire doors with a particularly customized finish: the double door is in fact integrated into a boiserie that evokes the presence of a 4-leaves door. A solution that well represents San.Co’s attention and flexibility in approaching projects.

The wooden fire doors supplied are of the Isofirewood series, blind and glazed wooden doors in the EI 60 ‘version, therefore with a fire resistance of no less than 1 hour and, moreover, with an unusual feature: the 4-leaf blind doors, in they are actually made by combining a two-door blind door with plasterboard wall covering panels.

San.Co is a brand of the Zanini Italia group and specializes in the creation and supply of rei and smoke-proof fire doors and customized solutions in wood and glass such as fire-rated glass or coverings.

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