Fintecna – Rome (Italy)

Fintecna headquarters in Roma

For the headquarters of Fintecna spa in Rome, SanCo fire and smoke protection solutions were chosen for a highly customized installation.

Fintecna, a joint-stock company of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti group that mainly deals with managing state shareholdings, needed a special intervention for its headquarters: a fire-rated glazed filter.

San.Co, a brand of the Zanini Porte group, is in fact specialized in wood and glass fireproof doors, especially when the highest customization is required.

For the historic palace of Fintecna, a pair of fireproof EI 60′ glazed double doors Isofire AluSwing series were installaed. The doors have aluminum finishes but what is even more interesting are the side walls with butt-jointed glass, the glazed sky also butt-jointed and the curved fixed transom that closes the intervention.

The profiles on the ground were shaped to fit the steps of the building and the vertical profiles of the compass were adapted to the shaped columns. An absolutely necessary attention to detail state that this has been an intervention inside a historic building of extreme value.