Restaurant 212– Modena (Italy)

Fire resistant glass for a restaurant in Modena

For a well-known restaurant in Modena, San.Co provided a fire resistant glazed solution customized for the customer’s needs and the space in which it was located.

The restaurant, suited to the contemporary design, is a point of reference for the Modena nightlife. A minimalist-inspired furniture and a wide use of light and transparency makes the project particularly interesting in both rooms which are located on different floors. To safely connect the two floors, San.Co was commissioned to design, build and execute a custom made glazed solution with fire-resistant glass that secured the internal staircase.

The whole system was certified EI 60′ using an Isofireglas fireproof glass butt-jointed 60 minutes fire resistant and two Isofireglas SteelSwing doors to close the compartment; the stairs were partitioned with shaped Isofireglas glass plates and blind closures in plasterboard; to lighten the aesthetic impact of the glazing, the 90 ° angles were made without profiles.

San.Co, brand of the Zanini porte group, is specialized not only in wooden fire doors and glass fire doors, but in various wood and glass fire solutions, also custom made. The creation of fire rated glazings and their certification on site are just some of the solutions that the company offers to designers, architects and large international contract companies.